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Zenith Associates establish as meat exporter, start meat export in 1999, in 2006 to serve nation, we establish four hygienic processed meat outlets in Lahore and further plan to expand them to Pakistan other major’s cities. In our own abattoir (processing plant) with area of 23 acre, we select best quality livestock and process meat with imported equipment. In our HACCP certified abattoir, Slaughtering and packing of meat completes in ultra hygienic surroundings. We build high quality chillier for storage and have huge chillers fleet for meat transportation.  To provide best quality meat to our people, we are using imported internationally recognized manufacture base technology and equipments in our processing plant. We also export quality meat to Middle East since 1999 and earning precious foreign exchange for Pakistan. We buy animal from local farmer to encourage them. Several people are taking benefits that are relates with us.


Meat outlets

Our product is “Value Added Fresh Chilled Pack Meat”. We have to bear extra cost in every aspect of processing that other meat seller does not. We select A+ quality livestock; hygienically process it in our processing unit then chilled the meat to keep it free from bacterial growth.  We supply meat in refrigerated transport and then store it in chillers showcases. We pack our product with food grade material hence meat quality could not spoil thus we provide meat in imported food grade trays to our customer. The superior transportation, fine packing and chilled storage, increased the product cost.

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Johar Town

Allama Iqbal Town


Make Qurbani Eassy